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What is Quality Assurance

And why should it be an integral part of your project.

Quality Assurance is a structured process that raises the quality of a project to a higher level by finding and preventing errors or defects within software that’s already finished, but also by preventing possible issues while software is being developed.

Since users have zero tolerance for apps and websites that are slow, complicated or just don’t work as they’re supposed to, Quality Assurance is a way of ensuring that you’ll find issues within your software before your users do.

Taking software to the next level


Decreased costs

QA prevents the most expensive software repairs — those discovered by users after an app or a website had already been released.


Increased efficiency

Problems discovered before work starts on any other part of the project means the efficiency of people involved rises across the board.


Increased focus on goals

Structured QA makes sure all people involved on the project understand the real needs of users and the ultimate goal of the project itself.


Less wasted time

When issues are detected and solved early, you have more time to focus on launching your digital solution or improving your business.


Improved user satisfaction

Apps and websites with errors lead users to the competition, apps and websites without errors lead users to recommend them to everyone they know.


Clear project overview

QA activities result in a detailed pulse check report — with a list of issues, their severity and advice on how to handle them.

Manual or automated QA?

Manual and automated tests are completely different kinds of QA activities and there should never be a question of should you use only one or the other.

Types of manual QA tests

Exploratory testing

Cross-platform testing

Performance testing

Functional testing

End-to-end testing

Accessibility testing

UI testing

Regression testing

Load testing

Mobile testing

API testing

Types of automated QA tests

Frontend end-to-end testing

Backend API testing

Benefits of augmenting your team with QA specialists

Plug & play

With a detailed plan, structured process and a streamlined workflow, our team starts working from the moment you give the green light.


You have a complete overview of the entire project — from current tasks and milestones to budgets and timelines.


Our QA team’s expertise resulted in hundreds of successfully finished projects and dozens of satisfied clients.


Top of the line and without compromises — we as a company wouldn’t accept anything below, and neither should you.

See what our client say

Stanley Choung

CEO HomeNotes, Ltd


“Great group of people that work hard to help you deliver a product that meets your vision. ANODA is professional and always available for those crazy ideas/issues that always pop up. Their programmers are solid coders and refuse to hack something up quickly especially if there’s a better and more efficient solution available. They are top-notch ”

Aaron O'Donoghue

CEO HomeNotes, Ltd


“The communication, level of designers and developers, management — everything is on a high level. We are providing consulting services to them and as we saw that they have highly experienced developers and processes, we decided to choose them as vendors for this project.”

Christopher Relyea

CEO HomeNotes, Ltd


ANODA & Oksana are a Ukrainian Gem. I had the pleasure of working with Oksana and her team for over a year. They are highly qualified and very capable.
Oksana’s personality adds an enjoyable element to the mix. She’s not afraid to speak her mind by any means, and provides a refreshing, no-filtered & honest opinion to the dev process.”

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