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Stop, Breathe &Think

Most useful application for meditation. It fits perfectly for beginners and professionals in meditation. On top of that, the Stop, Breath & Think app has guided videos for meditation, yoga, and acupressure. Furthermore, the app has mood and progress tracker

About the Client

Our client has been in business for many years and regularly meditates to restore his state of mind.
He approached us with the idea of ​​creating a new application that will help other people learn meditation and try it out in practice.


cost cut using apps for mental health


growth of downloads in the first three months of service working

Services used:


UI/UX Design

App Development

Quality Assurance

The Challenges

It was important for us to clearly present all possible functions to users in one application, for which there were selected contrasting tones that logically dividing service sections.

Good structuredness

Advanced functionality

Pleasant soothing colors

Easy navigation

Quick registration

High-quality service work


strategy session


UI Kit

Final design

User flows mind mapping


First design

3 style options for choosing


We have created an application that is unique in its functionality, which has already passed the mark of 3 million downloads and received
3 awards: "Best Application of 2017", "Application of the Day 2020", "Best Application of 2019". It contains functionality:

Video Collection

Mood and Progress Tracker

Meditation Tracker

Meditation Adviser

Breath Tracker

Short Activities

Project kick-off

Building a user management module was a big challenge for a company with such a large number of users and different types of data. To make sure that they would set off in the right direction, the ANODA and Babbel teams joined a scoping session, where they discussed solutions to existing problems and drafted the scope of the project. Both teams were very well-prepared for the scoping session, so the meeting at Babbel's headquarters in Berlin was a big success.

The design part

The new module had to correspond with Babbel's brand image and their high standards. It also had to fit the existing app and be easy to use by corporate customers. The UX design team worked on the entire dashboard flow so the user journey would be smooth and all key feature intuitive for the customers.

Based on research, the client's requirements and previously sketched user flows, the designers built all the necessary views of the admin platform. The end platform for team administration includes all the necessary features. The admin can analyze how often team members use the app and how much time they spend on particular courses. Also all the payment information is accessible from the dashboard. An organization just has to pay one bulk invoice for all the registered users.

The UI team added colours, icons and micro-interactions to the wireframes, so the final product would reflect the branding and standards of the core Babbel application.


Our team recommended using React.js on the front end, and Ruby on Rails on the backend. The development was based on 2-week sprints to ensure the right level of flexibility, maximum value, and a constant feedback loop. The stack was chosen to ensure the highest app performance even in huge teams.

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