Let's make awesome
apps together

We help Small and Medium businesses from healthcare and other industries, to grow through software reengineering and gain scale operational efficiency with our custom web and mobile apps.

Our life

As a team, we truly believe that success is ensured by hard work and common efforts. We consider our client as part of the team on each project which would never prove to be a success without precious feedback through the process. Thanks to the team and our clients we got where we’re now.

ANODA Is People.

Smart. Curious.

Always up for a challenge.


ANODA is a provider for new ideas. We always can suggest another way to do everything.
We are working on average duration projects in areas of mCommerce, business, media and marketing applications.
If you are tired working with old­-style code, unsupported devices and tons of legacy code, or want to try new approaches ­— welcome onboard!

What do we offer?

Work on high-level, interesting projects, no legacy all projects starts from zero.

Development plan for everyone in the company

Stable compensation growth based on personal achievements.

12-16 days/year paid vacation.
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100% paid sick list

Flexible schedule

Company Library

Remote work

Sports compensation and training (courses, trainings)

Our own startups and experiments

Team Retreats and a lot
of fun

Best equipment for you to use at work and at home

If you have not found a vacancy that suits you, you can still send your resume and we will get in touch with you.