How To Promote Realtors App

24 Dec

You now know the importance of using real estate app. The next thing you need to learn is how to help people find your app. Most real estate companies already know about the importance of generating and converting leads. What they don’t know about is how realtors app can play a role in each of these.

You won’t generate too many new leads with just realtor’s app. Of course, if someone happens to find your application in the mobile store, then they could possibly become your lead if they download it. However, most people are not going to just stumble upon your app by accident.


Realtors app is also not a quick solution to closing leads. You can use apps to get leads excited and to motivate them to look at houses, apartments or other property. But, in the end, the realtor still must communicate with their leads and convert them into the buyers or renters. Once that happens, they need to strike a deal and have a closing for it.

Why Real Estate Agent App Needs Promotion

Therefore, realtors app is neither a lead generator or converter. They just fall in between as a tool for nurturing existing leads. If you want to develop and manage a relationship with your leads and buyers, a real estate app is the way to go. Then you can just wait for your buyer to decide on whether they want to purchase the home or not.

To start this nurturing process, your buyers need to download your real estate app first. The right type of marketing will allow more buyers to discover your mobile app. Here is what you can do:

1) Simply tell the people that you meet about the existence of your realtor’s app.

2) Give them clear instructions on how they can locate and download your realtor’s app.

Mobile App Marketing Strategy for Real Estate

According to research conducted by Ipsos Reid and Google, app marketing strategy is essential if you want a mobile app of your company to be noticed. Their research showed that 52% of apps are discovered by friends, colleagues, and family members who referred them. About 40% of apps are discovered by people who are browsing the various mobile app stores. About 27% of realtor estate mobile apps are discovered on search engines and 22% of apps learned about on television.

In any case, making people aware of your app will require something or someone to mention its existence. Here is how you can do this with your realtor’s app.

How To Promote Your Realtors App

When realtors want people to download their app, they need to tell them about it first. This might seem obvious to you, but there are plenty of companies that allocate a budget for real estate app without ever marketing it. They may get lucky by having a few people stumble upon it in the app store, but they could get so many more people if they simply invested money and time into post-launch marketing and into a successful app release itself

Website and Intercept Advertisements

Website advertisements are the best way to attract leads to your realtor’s app. Since they are frequently visiting your website anyway, you can synchronize information between your website and your mobile app. This will make it attractive for app users.

Promote Your Mobile App Using Own Website

If you want to attract people directly to your app, then use intercept advertisements. People that browse your website on their mobile device will see a pop-up advertisement of your real estate agent app. This is an example of an intercept advertisement. It will encourage the person to download your app rather than stay on your website. If you create an app, you have to purchase an intercept advertisement for your website too.


If you have done these things, here are some tips on how you can encourage your website users to try out your realtor’s app.

– When users register and receive an auto-reply email, have this message include download links for your app

– Your website should have download buttons available which are easy to see.

– Email a reminder to your subscribers every couple of months.

– Your email signature should contain your Google Play button and Apple Store button.

Your main objective is to convert website leads into app leads. This will give your leads a much better consumer experience.

Paid Advertising for Apps

If you want to target app lovers that don’t use websites, then you need to advertise on apps.

Google conducted a study which showed that 47% of download apps were due to graphical ad referrals that were in other apps. Advertising in mobile apps can be very effective in getting more downloads for your own realtor estate agent app. Real estate companies should research mobile advertising if they want to achieve this goal.

If your app is for iOS devices like iPhone or iPad, you can place mobile ads in the Apple App Store or inside of iOS mobile applications.


There are Universal App campaigns for Android devices which real estate agents can use to share their mobile app on Google Play, display network, YouTube, and search network.

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Advertise your realtors app on Search Engines

25% of app users conduct searches to discover new apps. This means that your realtor estate agent app could very well be discovered accidentally through a search of something similar. Below is a chart from Google Trends which outlines the increase in popularity for the search phrase “real estate app.” This pertains to users in the United States.

How advertise realtors app on search engines
Google Trends “real estate app”

Real estate apps are clearly becoming more popular, as the trend indicates. However, according to SEMrush data, the keyword volume shows very little interest. The term “real estate app” shows 9,900 and the term “mls real estate app” shows 4,400.

The best opportunity to promote your mobile app is to use basic real estate phrases, such as “los angeles real estate.” Unfortunately, it is difficult to achieve an organic ranking in search engines because the major real estate websites will always outrank you in those generic phrases. That is why real estate agents are paying for their ads so that their apps will appear to people who search these generic phrases.

The neat thing is that you can set your ad campaign to target specific audiences, locations, and mobile devices. This is a great way to make the right people aware of your realtor’s app.

Simple to locate and download

Telling people about your app’s existence is good, but you should also let people be able to easily find it too. There are a lot of people who search for new apps, while others rely on friends to refer them. But people still need to be able to access your real estate app’s download page without a lot of hassle or confusion.

When adding your app to the Apple Store and Google Play Store, you can enter your own metadata and descriptions for the app. Try to describe your mobile app as accurately and completely as possible. Put your location in there too because it will make it easier for sellers and buyers in your local area to find it. To make your app store ranking high

Promotion of Real Estate Mobile App

Also, include the app’s download link on your website, in the signature line of your email newsletters, and anywhere else where leads may go to discover your contact information.

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