Is Your App Idea Worth To Invest?

19 Jun

Everyone has ideas in their hands. Every action we take is based on an image or creative thought in our minds. Good idea can change the current way of living, and, perhaps, change the world. But idea is not enough, it requires a lot of time, energy highly qualified professionals and money.

Do you have a mobile app idea that you think will be the next Facebook/Airbnb/Uber? We’ll you help you figure out if your app idea is worth to invest.

The Common Failure of Mobile App Ideas

The best mobile app ideas succeed at solving a problem or satisfying a demand. Usually, app developers come across a problem and realize that with an app, solving would be much faster and more pleasant. Unfortunately, there are many blockers on the way to a high quality mobile app and not many entrepreneurs can handle them to release a good product. Also, there are some core elements that can be the reason of app startup failure from the very beginning.

  1. The answer app developer found wasn’t the best solution to a problem
  2. There was no real demand for that kind of app
  3. That kind of app was already on the market

Any of these circumstances can get in the way of bringing your app to the market and achieving success with it. Below we have some tips to avoid this kind of situation. Keep reading!


Is My App Good Enough?

Before you invest your time, money, and resources in the development of a mobile app, you need to answer some very important questions about it first. These answers will determine whether your expectations for the app are realistic or not.

Does the market show a demand for this type of app? Is there any existing competition?

Let’s see how to answer those questions

App marketplace

To answer this question, you’ll need to do some research. First, search the app marketplace for other apps which match or have similarities to the app you want to develop.

If there is such an app in the marketplace Google Play Market or Apple AppStore, it may not necessarily be at the top of the search results. You’ll have to do a hard search of all the pages and really pinpoint whether this type of app exists or not. The two main app stores to search are the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store.

If you find the app, check out the reviews for it and see what people are saying. Pay attention to the negative reviews because people will state their problems with the app. Make note of these problems and then spend time coming up with solutions for them.


The platform on CrunchBase gives you access to a large database of over 100,000 different companies. Not only can you find out information about these companies, but you can also discover new apps and ideas from people and companies throughout the world. Just filter your searches according to Crunchbase Rank to find the best ones.

Research for similar app ideas
Crunchbase mobile app research

Mobile Action

To give your idea some real validation, the best platform to use is MobileAction. This is an app marketing tool which provides you with highly relevant keywords related to your app. You’ll also receive suggestions, ideas, and strategies on how to optimize your app in the app stores.

Mobile to search for similar app idea
Mobile Auction


LinkedIn is a social media network for businesspeople and career professionals. If you want to research startup companies which make mobile apps, then you can find them on LinkedIn. If you haven’t already created your own LinkedIn profile, make sure you do that too. Then try to form connections with other professionals in the same industry or niche. Perhaps they can teach you how to create a successful mobile app.

Check the mobile app competition in LinkedIn
LinkedIn Mobile Application Development

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Keyword Research

Are people searching for content which relates to your idea? You need to find out. If there ends up being a lot of people who share a similar problem or have a similar demand, then you can create an app which solves that problem or satisfies that demand. To figure out the topics in which these people are interested in, you can use the following tool:

  • Google Keyword Planner – Most people have heard of this platform. It lets you search and discover keywords which are relevant to your mobile app. The results of the search will show you how many people are actively searching these same keywords in Google. The keywords which have a high number of searches means you should take them seriously.
  • – Another great way to learn which keywords are actively being searched the most by your target audience. In addition to keyword searches on Google, this tool lets you search keywords used on YouTube, eBay, Amazon, Twitter, Instagram, and Play Store.
  • ASO Tools – Discover highly competitive keywords which are relevant to your mobile app idea. You’ll be able to track the keywords too by utilizing a variety of different tools.


Get Feedback About Your Idea

Communicate with other people who have an interest in mobile apps, or anything related to your niche. Attend tech events and make connections on social media to form this communication.


  • Communities on Reddit are good places to go for inspiration on a decision or idea. The subreddits will have their honest opinion about your idea. This will give you an idea as to whether it is good or not.

Facebook Groups

  • Facebook Groups are quite popular. You can find groups on a variety of topics related to your app or its niche. Talk with people in these groups and get ideas on how to solve any problems you have with it.

Twitter Surveys

  • Twitter surveys, such as a Twitter poll, can help you estimate the number of people who’ll download your mobile app if it were to publicly launch on the market.

Tech Events and conferences

  • Tech events, conferences, or other meetings are fabulous for talking with other startup business owners, especially those who are building mobile apps. You’ll get a clear picture as to whether your idea will likely be a success or failure.

How Much Interest is There? Test Your App Idea.

Things usually start out exciting and popular in the beginning but then, people lose interest fast. You must predict whether this same thing will happen with your idea or not. If you can come up with an idea that doesn’t slow down, then you’ll find success.

Is Your Business Idea Good?

MVP Creation

If you develop an app without researching the idea first, then you’re taking a big gamble. It is better to develop a Minimum Viable Product, or MVP, first. This lets you test out your idea before committing more time, money and resources to its development. You’ll want to begin by creating wireframes for the app. If this becomes a success, then carry on with the full development.

Utilize Product Websites

If a tech specialist or entrepreneur wants to find new products which suit their needs, they can search on ProductHunt or other product websites. You should search on ProductHunt to see which products are working out and which ones are not.

Landing Page Creation

You can create your own landing page or website before creating mobile app. That way, you can see how many people express interest in your app idea before you actually go through the trouble of developing the app. Just use a “Coming Soon” button or page to keep them interested in the launch.

Manage Small Ad Campaigns on a Budget

You don’t need much money to create social media ad campaigns. A small investment in running ads can help you target your audience and get their feedback faster. Promote your landing page first and then study the feedback that you received for it. Then build your app based on the suggestions and advice from the feedback.

Can the App Make Money?

After you’ve discovered a solution to people’s problems or demands, you’re certainly going to want more than just positive feedback. You’ll also want to make money from the idea too.

Examine the Prospective Paying Customers

Developing a popular app won’t mean much if you still can’t pay your expenses and debts. Is there a paid market out there for your mobile app? Are your competitors charging money to customers for their apps? Find out whether people love the app idea so much that they’re willing to fork over real money for it. If it turns out they are willing to do that, find out the price they’re willing to pay.

Examine the Various Models of Monetization

To choose a price for your app, there are various articles available on the internet which can help you figure out the pros and cons of each pricing idea. There is no real fixed answer that can be given about this because all apps are different. In some cases, you could run ads on your app to make money instead of charging people to download it.  


Hopefully, you have a better understanding of mobile app promotion and the best ways of determining whether an app idea is a worthy investment to pursue.

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