7 Reasons Why Business Needs Its Own Mobile App

19 Jun

Major brand names are no longer the only ones to have their own mobile apps. An increasing number of midsize businesses and small businesses are developing their own mobile apps too. They realize that having a mobile-friendly, responsive website is not enough anymore for their mobile marketing strategy.

You may notice that several local small businesses in your area have a dedicated mobile app of their own. This could be a barber shop, health food store, or delivery service. Small business owners are starting to understand that having their own mobile apps opens a whole new marketing path for them.

Below are the top 7 reasons for any business owner to develop a mobile platform of their own.

Constant Customer Attention

Advertisements come and go, but mobile apps are installed onto people’s mobile devices. According to statistics, people spend over 2 hours daily on average using their mobile device. They may spend a fraction of this time using their apps, but that doesn’t mean they won’t see your app’s icon showing on their interface. If they look at the icon enough times, they’ll start thinking about your company a lot more.


Develop a Channel to Advertise Directly

Apps have several different functions. They have search features, messengers, user accounts, news feeds, booking forms, pricing information, and so many other things.

Mobile apps are wonderful because they allow you to access unlimited amounts of information, such as promotional deals and special discounts. Push notifications can give customers a reminder of your products or services and how they can be beneficial to them.

Give Customers Some Value

Do you have a loyalty program for your company? If so, you could digitalize it through a mobile app and replace the outdated collection rewards card. That way, a customer downloads your mobile app and uses it to collect reward points for your store. Since customers will want to join your rewards program, this gives them a bigger incentive to download your iOS or Android app. It’ll also mean more customers will keep coming back.

Establish Brand Recognition

If you want to raise your brand’s awareness, then you need to develop a mobile app. There are two specific aspects to this which must be applied together. Then you’ll have a successful app for sure.

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Business mobile apps can be made to look any way you want them. They can be informative, thrilling, functional, stylish or however else you wish for them to be. The idea is to create features which will make your customers happy. Meanwhile, your brand UI design must look attractive in the app.


If you can keep getting customers to engage with your mobile app, then you’ll increase the chances of them purchasing your services or products. This technique is known as “effective frequency.” Marketing experts say that if customers see or hear about a brand at least 20 times, then they’ll remember it for sure.

More Customer Engagement

There must be a way for customers to contact you. It doesn’t matter what your business sells. Therefore, you need an app feature which lets them communicate with you. This could be a help desk or messaging system of some kind. If you’re running a restaurant, you could design an app which lets customers place orders on there and send text messages to you. This will save them the trouble of having to call up and talk to somebody while they’re working.

Stay Competitive

Very few small businesses have their own mobile apps right now. However, this is changing quickly so you need to stay ahead of the competition by creating a mobile app for your small business. If you’re the first in your area to do this, then you’ll be way ahead of everyone else.

Encourage Customer Devotion

Customer devotion and loyalty to your brand is the most important thing that you can have. A mobile app of your own can help you do this. It keeps customers in close contact with you. You don’t have to burden them as much with flyers, email newsletters, Facebook ads, website banners, billboards, and so many other forms of advertising. Instead, you can just contact them through the app which is already downloaded onto their mobile device.


So, get in on the action while there is still less competition. One of the blockers on the way to creating an app is the price. But it if you do it the smart way, it won’t take huge investments to build an app for your business. And by smart way we mean MVP development. This approach is a perfect way to create a great app with little investments.

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